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Cost Segregation consulting is a way of streamlining how you depreciate assets in your yearly taxes. This is a process that allows you to make the most of your assets and improve how your taxes interact with your overall financial outlook.

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Here’s how our cost segregation consulting service works and how it can help your business.

What is Cost Segregation Consulting

Cost segregation consulting is the process of looking at your depreciating assets and finding ways to split them into new categories. This allows you to take several assets that have been lumped together and depreciate them individually using shorter depreciable lives.

This can save you money on your taxes and improve how your financial assets work for you.

How Our Cost Segregation Services Work

This is a specialized process that is done by our team of experienced CPAs. It works by taking a close look at your assets and finding new categories to group things into. This allows you to depreciate certain items faster than others and reshape how you file your taxes.

Let’s say you have an asset worth $100,000 that is currently depreciating over 25 years. We can find ways to split that asset so that aspects of it depreciate over 10 or fewer years. This can improve your yearly taxes and help your business save thousands in taxes.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Cost Segregation

Taxes are some of the most difficult areas for any business when it comes to saving money. We can make sure that your business can cut down on this overhead expense.

There’s no avoiding taxes, but there are ways to make them work for you. Your tax bill can be lowered dramatically when you take new looks at how you depreciate your assets. Our team of CPAs is exactly what your company needs to streamline your costs.

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Cost segregation consulting is a complex task, and our CPAs are up for the job! We can take a look at real estate and other assets and make sure that you are depreciating them in a way that is best for your taxes — and your bottom line! Don’t leave money on the table before the next tax season, get in touch with us today.

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