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Looking For Estate Tax Prep And Trust Tax Prep in Mandeville, LA?

Our estate tax preparation and trust tax preparation services are some of the most important services our CPAs offer. When you prepare an estate or a trust tax return, you want to make sure that you are in line with the letter of the tax law.

At E. K. Lozano & Company, we know that ensuring your tax situation is on point is the best way to protect your assets. Setting up the wrong tax plan can cost your estate or trust thousands, if not more. Our team of CPAs can make sure that your estate is planned clearly and that you have the resources you need to successfully navigate these complicated taxes.

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Here’s how we help with your estates and trusts.

Estate Tax Preparation

Your estate is one of the most important assets you have. This is what your descendants and spouse will rely on after you are gone. Making sure you have appropriate taxes set up for your estate can make sure you save thousands and protect the people you care about from unexpected financial hardships.

The taxes that estates face can be complicated. The nature of your assets, how they are distributed, and countless other factors all go into shaping how these financial resources get taxed. Having professional CPAs in your corner allows you to minimize the tax consequences of your passing.

Your loved ones may rely on your estate for their own financial security. If you have professionals plan your estate taxes, your loved ones will get the most money possible.

Trust Tax Preparation

Trusts are ways to independently manage finances that are backed with legal securities. Common trusts include setting up funds for children who are not yet legal adults or setting up educational funds for young adults in college.

Your trusts face their own tax situations. You want to ensure that the taxes your trusts experience are minimized to get the most money to the people you care about. Our team can make this happen.

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When you need estate tax preparation and trust tax preparation in Mandeville, LA, ours is the team you can count on. We’ve been helping our local community prepare for their taxes since 1997. At E. K. Lozano & Company, we believe that everyone should have access to professional tax services that allow them to create a clear plan for their estates and trusts.

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